Yeshiva Dream (Full Article)

Israel’s Future (current) Events –

The “Yeshiva” dream was given to a dear friend (January 2013) who normally does not receive prophetic dreams. It caught my attention because of the way he spilled out its contents to me in a very casual way. It awakened in me something that was in my spirit for some time and after writing it down and questioning him as to the details, I believe the Lord began revealing the interpretation. The Lord has revealed to me that it was given for Kingdom purposes about Israel and not for entertainment and that I should present it that way. Also, His Church must begin to see what He is doing and about to do, so we can be fortified in our spirit as it unfolds as current events we are beginning to see today.

Scene 1: My friend was in his house listening to the radio and his wife came into the bedroom and proceeded to turn the radio off. They had heard on the radio that a strange vehicle had landed on or was found near *Patchogue Mount Sinai Rd.

Scene 2: He and his wife were back in Massapequa where they had lived and she was searching for their dog Buddy and by 4 o’clock she had found him tied up with a chain.

Scene 3: They then began walking the streets for hours, but none of the surroundings were familiar and they just kept walking. This proceeded for about 6 hours until there were no more buildings. At one point my friend noticed that all he had on was a T-shirt and his under shorts in this trek.

Scene 4: The path got narrower and narrower as they went up this steep hill and they came to an iron gate. They did not go through the gate, but around it into an area where there were children playing and there were some adults who were dressed in black and black rimmed hats. At this point he wondered why he was dressed so scantily and was somewhat upset.

The name of the place was **Yeshiva. (He had no idea what the word meant.) The people would not acknowledge or look at them and it seemed like they were in shock. He said they also seemed kind of lethargic and could not hear when they spoke to them. He noticed a heavyset person trying gently to keep the kids in line. My friend noticed that the kids were all picking up little stones about the size of half-dollars and playing with them.

**ye·shi·va or ye·shi·vah n
a seminary for orthodox Jewish, usually unmarried, men where they study the primary source of Jewish law, the Talmud

When they first came into the area he saw very large tree stumps from trees that had been sawn down (It seemed they could have been from hundreds of years old redwoods). There were also large stumps that were completely uprooted and exposed out of the ground. He did not see any felled trees, perhaps one. The wood evidently had been carted away. He also saw much heavy equipment in the area, but they were not in operation at the time.

Scene 5: He then saw what looked like a motorized covered wagon passing by and they tried to get a lift, but they would not stop for them. It seemed that workmen were driving it. They found themselves on a cliff on the top of the hill overlooking the water. On one side of the water was very calm and the other side had very rough seas.

My friend said he felt that he woke himself up because he was so weary and he said to himself in the dream, “Let me get out of here”.


Interpretation of The Yeshiva dream:

(Note: What was unusual is some of the interpretation I wrote down as I felt the Lord spoke to me prophetically, which are italicized. Some of my comments were through impressions that I had while in prayer.)

My son, this dream is to show the plight of the Jewish people from this land. It begins when the Church (*Patchogue: Place of many Streams) responds to a call from heaven (symbol: tuned prophetically on radio and some were turned off by it) that many see as a strange movement that will help lead the Jewish people back to their land.

The dreamer is retracing the steps of the Jewish people and he is not able to go through the gate because he was a Gentile. He was scantily dressed symbolically because the Jews will have been stripped of most everything in their journey, including their dignity.

The path is unrecognizable because it is a journey they have not been on before in this nation. It will ultimately lead them to a place (*Mount Sinai) where I the Lord will be able to speak to them as I did to their father Abraham and they will hear My voice.

The trees that have been felled are their heritage that they have had in this nation, which has been cut off and in some cases uprooted by force (heavy equipment). The fruitfulness of their heritage (felled trees) has been carted away by heavy handedness, but not in plain view by everyone (Heavy equipment on the scene, but not operational).

The **Yeshiva is a place of sanctuary for them and the children that I have provided for them guarded by the iron gates. The children at play with the stones are a sign to them that I have not abandoned them and is likened to Petra where they will eventually flee to as a nation in the end times.

The motorized covered wagon is for Jews only because it represents the Gentile ministries I will raise up to cover and transport My people and their families to their homeland.

The view that is seen from the top of the cliff of the calm and turbulent waters are what are awaiting the 2 groups of people. The calm waters for those that help my people. The turbulent waters are for those who shun My people in time of this great need.

In the dream when he and his wife went back to their previous home in Massapequa I see ***Massapequa symbolically representing the thirteenth Tribe of Israel or modern day Israel:

***When I looked up the meaning of Massapequa I found that the Massapequa Indians were designated as the thirteenth tribe of Indians on Long Island. I then recalled thirteen tribes of Israel being mentioned over the years, so I proceeded to investigate. I found a study of the question: Who are the Lost Tribes of Israel?

It concluded that the modern nation of Israel is made up of the thirteenth tribe. And for the sake of this interpretation I am concluding: The modern nation of Israel is NOT the Old Testament Israel, but is the thirteenth tribe.

The going back to look for the dog (Buddy) represents the many that will try to stay here as they did in the past, but they will find themselves chained and in the wilderness devoid of provision where they will endure much unneeded suffering. They will find that their friends (buddies) cannot really help them to stay here. (The time 4 o’clock: Number 4 represents mans relationship with the worldly things and is what held them in these chains)

His cry, “Let me get out of here” at the end of the dream is the sentiment of the Jews in the midst of the exodus.

Questions to seriously consider in prayer:

  • Why was this dream given?
  • How does it relate to the Scriptures?
  • What is the time frame in which it is to occur?
  • What will cause this occurrence?
  • How will it affect the Church?

“The Jacob Generation” is an article I had written in 2013 that discusses some of these questions. It seems that it is quickly becoming current, especially in light of the recent developments in the Middle East and around the world regarding the Nations.