When The Towers Began to Fall (Full Article)

“When the Towers Begin to Fall” is a dream the author received, which was written down and interpreted in 1995 when the dream occurred and has never been published. My impression as I look back and where we are today is that it spans about 3 decades’

“When the Towers Begin to Fall” –  A Prophetic Dream

I found myself on a journey walking leisurely through what seemed like a part of an inner city, resembling a mixture of financial and ritzy shopping district. The surroundings were constructed of antiquated red brick, similar to Old Colonial Boston, traditional, yet very modern.

It was a large lighted tunnel like structure containing a wide one-way street with vehicles traveling in the center. There were pedestrians walking on the sidewalk on either side of the one-way traffic, all heading in the same direction, but on opposite sides of the street. I immediately noticed the many red brick archways overhead on the sidewalk on the right side of the street where I was walking. I sensed that the entire enclave or complex functioned to connect two parts of the city.

While on my journey inside the structure, I suddenly found myself turned around facing the opening behind me, viewing the oncoming traffic. I saw a very large vehicle approaching the mouth of the structure. It looked like an emergency fire truck without all the “bells and whistles” and was painted a very dull drab red. It seemed almost like a shadowy silhouette, yet very real.

As it started to enter the mouth of the structure, I could easily see that it was about to fill the entire opening with its dark shadow. It had become progressively bigger as it moved forward and was about to hit the top of the opening. I sensed it had much power because of its huge size and truck like slowness.

At first, almost hesitatingly, it hit very softly with a rather loud scraping noise from its metal cab roof and then it hit with full force. On the final impact it filled the full size of the opening and I sensed the whole structure lurched forward slightly, but not with any real loud noise. Things seemed to come to a standstill in the scene around me, but nothing catastrophic in apparent damage.

Even though I could see no visible signs of destruction, I had a feeling of immediate danger and an urgency to get out and find another way through to the other side of the city in which I was heading. As I began to turn to leave the structure, I saw a figure of a man in a Fire Chief’s uniform standing among the people near the incident, apparently to provide a solution to the problem. Upon further scrutinizing the scene, I realized it would be a vain attempt, since it appeared to be only a life-size cardboard poster figure. People were milling around and no one else seemed to be alarmed at the scene as I turned again quickly to leave.

I found myself outside of the structure a distance away, still alarmed, sensing the imminent danger of collapse. As I stood there with a full view of the structure, I could see the top was large and extensively ornate with citadels and towers. The overall structure was longer then it was high and very large; something like a large brick quonset hut shape with castle like structures on top.

Suddenly, the whole structure lurched forward violently and began to crack and crumble slightly on the outside, with loud muffled explosions coming from deep within. It was very apparent to me that more damage was being done inside than I could see from where I was standing. The outside of the structure then began shaking with more of the loose bricks falling away, yet amazingly the outside shell was still mostly in tact. But then the towers and citadels began to collapse or break off.

I marveled at the progressive amount of destruction taking place because of the small size of the initial impact of the vehicle in relationship to the huge size of the structure. As I watched in amazement, the scenario of the sinking of the Titanic came to mind. I said, almost out loud to myself; “Now I understand” and at the same time a Scripture somewhere in the book of Daniel about the need for “understanding” in the last days echoed in my memory.

I remarked to a person standing nearby and going in my direction that it looked as if a large unseen hand was breaking off the towers and citadels one by one. The impression in the dream was that the person was a young single woman named Damaris from our church whom I was speaking to. She began to weep bitterly because apparently she knew and cared about many of the people who were in there and had comforted many of them in their problems in the past. 

With the hollow shell of the structure still standing, minus the fortress like towers on top, we turned and quickly continued toward the other side of the city and immediately found ourselves traveling through a dark underground tunnel. Upon finding our way easily to the end of the dark tunnel, I located a door and opened it. We plainly saw a set of stairs and banister with a pure white tile wall, similar to a subway stairway, leading upward and to the left to the surface and bright light.

However, we did not proceed out because we could hear people yelling in confusion and calling for help back in the tunnel. I then realized that we had passed many doors on the way through the dark tunnel which did not lead to safety. We both felt compelled to go back into the tunnel together and began to shout, “Here is the door”, as we went through the tunnel in search of the people and misleading doors. We were going to put signs up with “pointing arrows” in front of each misleading door reading, “This is the door”->->->. There was no hesitation of going back in because we knew the way out, scarcely noticing the misleading doors or the darkness as we initially came through the tunnel together, perhaps because of the sense of urgency to find our way out while leaving the devistation behind.   End of Dream

Before reading the following dream interpretation, keep in mind that it was written in the year 1995 when the dream occurred. Consider the following questions:

1.  Where do you perceive this nation is today in relation to the interpretation scenario?
2.  Where do you see yourself in the journey depicted in the interpretation?

Dream Interpretation- August 1995

(Bold, underlined, italicized below are keyed to phrases from the written dream.)

The dream begins with a symbolic picture of the structure and architecture of an edifice hollowed out of the earth; formed and constructed to serve the masses, comprised of an inner city or what I will call the heart of the world’s system. The system provides for the inhabitants of this nation all the necessary structure, provision and convenience to establish and perpetuate the fullness of life’s conglomerate on this earth. (Government, order, communications, economics, education, sustenance, transportation, pleasure, etc.)

The mouth of the structure or opening is indicative of the source of the raw materials and provision for feeding the system, i.e., people, commerce, law and order, political organizations and other forces and powers that flow into it to make it work.

The many red brick archways inside the structure on the right side of the street represent the values that support the structure: morality, ethics, laws, educational, legal, religious and other institutional systems. The Old Colonial Boston red brick architecture reflected the flavor of the tradition and heritage that this country was founded upon; indicative of, the roots and prestige it represents.

The journey from one end of the city to the other typifies the exchange a person must make to be part of the city or system. It required work, paying of taxes, obedience to laws, use of services, schooling, civic contributions, etc., to make it function for the common good and also to benefit individually from it. In essence, it is a means to an end.

The travel between the two parts of the city also reflects the journey from where we are now in quest of “the better life” in the future; in essence, it is time oriented. The right and left sidewalks of the road where the pedestrians walked typify the nation's “conservative” and “liberal” philosophies to get there.

The vehicles on the roadway traveling from one end of the city to the other make up the many aspects of governments, commissions, institutions, industries, services, agencies, organizations, etc., to sustain the system in all its needs, demands and vulnerabilities in the pursuit of “the better life” along the way.

The emergency vehicle represents the efforts, power and forces (political and financial) required to rescue and keep the system functioning in order to maintain the proper balance in all of its complexities, dependencies and interdependencies. Its primary objective is, to keep the other vehicles moving forward, clear away obstacles, put out fires and remove other disabled vehicles, obstacles and casualties, all for the primary purpose of keeping things moving forward toward “the better life”.

The increasing size of the emergency vehicle as it approached, in relation to the opening of the edifice, states that these forces had gotten bigger because the problems had gotten bigger over time. The vehicle grew rapidly and out of proportion to the edifice or system.

The absence of the shiny “bells and whistles”, lack of any markings and the drab red color were all indicative of the sinister and more complex effort to conceal and camouflage both the severity of the problems in the nation and the huge amount of power being brought to bear to try to fix them in pursuit of the better life.

In the dream, during the normal course of everyday events, the vehicle deliberately, yet in the shadows, slowly with great power entered the mouth of the edifice. Almost hesitatingly at first as the top of the cab began to scrape the top of the opening, but then with more power and total commitment out of desperation, the vehicle hit with full force causing the structure to lurch forward slightly.

The pedestrians did not seem unduly alarmed, just milling around waiting, perhaps because of the calming influence of the Madison Avenue cardboard figure of the man with the fire chief's uniform at the scene conveying the impression that it was only a minor problem and would be cleared up. No one seemed alarmed that there was no forward motion of vehicles or pedestrians toward “the better life”. The Madison Avenue sell, through the media, was apparently working.

I believe that when the edifice shook the first time under the impact and moved forward slightly, society was deceived into believing it was a good thing. The people actually believed that the economic, laws and political measures that were impacting and changing the structure would solve the problems and move everyone forward, perhaps even in a greater measure.

In effect, the people depended so much on the government, judicial system, financial institutions and media that they had taken out of the hands and minds of the people what they should have been doing themselves to pursue the “better life”. In puffed up pride and arrogance (pictured by the progressively bigger size of the vehicle as it moved into the opening), the powers in place were forcing their will on the people regarding what was good for them and the nation.

I am going to proceed with the description of the rest of the destruction and meaning of the journey as viewed while standing outside the structure before sharing its implications and impact upon the church.

The final impact that caused the structure to lurch forward violently (triggering the cracking and crumbling, and then the explosions within) was the result of the sheer desperation of those who were trying to remedy the situation. It was a repeat of what was described earlier, only this time I perceived it was obvious to all within the structure because of the severity of what was in the process of happening.

The loud muffled explosions heard from deep within the structure reflected the great opposition and clashing of forces in the establishment that was taking place within the system. The deep impact on the lives of the people caught up within the life of the structure caused severe and violent reactions.   On the one hand, with their world crumbling around them they were filled with uncertainties and the realization of unreachable dreams and expectations. On the other hand, the establishment they trusted so much was bringing forces to bear which were further distancing them from the reality of even their continued quest for “the better life”.

Muffled explosions are for two reasons, because it affected the very “core of society”. Everyone will be affected and not just the masses, There will be a great attempt by the forces of the establishment to cover up its magnitude in order to keep the entire structure from crumbling into complete lawlessness and chaos. (Federal, State & Local, Police, Armed Forces, with travel restrictions, media takeover seems imminent)

The towers and citadels represented the pride and self-sufficiency of the wise and mighty of this world. The towers were elaborately built, fortified, and yet ornate and strategically placed high in the structure to control and manage the system for their own gain. What was so apparent about the breaking off of these parts of the structure was the deliberateness with which it took place (one by one). It seemed as if it was independent of the impact and explosions, almost like a fulfillment of part of a Divine purpose in the whole incident.

Some how the outer shell of the edifice still remained mostly in tact in spite of the shaking and only by the mercy and grace of God. It is my impression, if the dream and interpretation are accurate, that the nation as a whole will stay intact, but will go through a time of darkness. The “American Dream” as we know it will not return. The quest for “the better life” in this nation will end and the vast opportunities and preoccupation with it eliminated; but with this turn of events will come the fulfillment of the “Church's Dream”- THE CHURCH'S FINEST HOUR.

Impact and implications in the Church

The Church cannot be asleep and preoccupied with the quest of seeking the "better life” in this world's system, lest we miss the warnings in this strategic hour and perish in the midst of God’s redemptive judgment of this land. To suppose that God will not shake this nation because of the church may well be a fatal mistake for many and for many a very selfish one at best. God’s greater plans and purposes are going forth on this earth and those who have spiritual eyes and ears will begin to understand. It is time to gird up our loins with the truth, not only of God’s word, but also with the knowledge of what He is doing in this hour, as the sons of Issachar in days of old.

Interpretation (continued)

In the beginning of the dream, the church is seen or represented to have a leisurely walk within the world’s system, with a focus and concern for the values and strengths that support this nation. It cannot be so preoccupied with even these ideals (as good as they may be) and its pleasures and luxuries, that it cannot be made aware of the powers of darkness through the hands of men overtaking the scene, and to heed the warning of this discernment; and most of all be aware of the big picture, understanding what God is doing on the earth in this hour.

The church will be made aware through the eyes and ears of a prophetic people He is raising up in this hour. What caused me to be turned around in the dream against the flow and see and hear what no one else could see and hear? What was it that warned me of the imminent danger? I believe it symbolized pure discernment and nothing I could see or hear in the natural. The warning was clear, without panic, but urgent. What I saw and heard from the outside was important, but the most important issue was that I was outside of the structure and not trapped inside of the structure during the final impact and powerful shaking and explosive turmoil.

The church should not only be able to see the danger and discern its source, but also take the proper timely action to avoid and escape the final recourse of the coming shaking and the closing of the trap.

One may ask; what is this timely action to escape?

It is first a transition of our thinking, then our goals and priorities, followed by a change in actions and pursuits. I believe this will cause us to realize we must journey together to succeed.

Upon this prudent escape the church is able to see from God’s perspective (understanding) what He is doing and why He is allowing it. It will not escape the reality of the redemptive judgment, but be able to be positioned to be the church for the nation in the midst of the hour of darkness.

The sinking of the Titanic in the dream relates to the pride of man at the prime of self-sufficiency, but also contains within the analogy an implied warning to the “foolish virgins” in the church. The confidence in the Titanic was unshakable before its sinking. The pride of man threw all caution and sound judgment to the wind because of its seemingly invincibility on the high seas. Foolish presumption precluded taking the extra measures and paying the cost for the extra vessels needed on board, should they be needed in that hour of great need.

Don’t be a fool –

The wise will have understanding and be able to see with the eyes of God, with His perspective and know the route to safety and have provision for it.

Don’t go it alone –

The meeting between the young woman Damaris* and myself is important because I see it as the coming together of the church. The wisdom and heart of God will be required in the times ahead. The church will be one while traveling together through this time of darkness.

I looked up the meanings of Damaris*Gentle (heifer: a virgin animal), coming of fit age, trained for the yoke and useful to God. I saw a number of types that will play a key role during this period of timeThe five “wise virgins” that will have extra oil in their flasks for the time of darkness before His coming. The youth that God is calling in this hour and women submitted to the Lord for His purposes in all humility, as well as the wisdom of the aged.

The dark underground tunnel is a time of darkness for this nation (perhaps for the world) in which the church will walk through. It will be night when no man can work. The journey continues, but this time a greater dependency on the unseen is required in this darkness. The wise will have sufficient oil in their flasks needed for this part of the journey. A total dependency on the supernatural will provide a sure path for the safety, completeness and the meaning of the journey.

The door of hope in the valley of Achor (trouble)

Why is the journey in the darkness and seeing the door and the lighted stairway upward so important before we can truly help others?   Because if we do not experience the way ourselves, how can we know the way for others. The blind will not be able to lead the blind in that hour.

At the end of the tunnel the quest is ended and the door is reached. But as the door is reached and the door is fully opened to the heart of God the church realizes the way upward is near. The church will hear the cries of the lost that fill the Fathers heart. And the prison doors of sin she had been rescued from will become so real, it will cause the focus of the church to turn its heart once again in a final thrust to warn the world before her final ascent upward to the light. As the church is turned around with boldness in the process to lead the many through the open door to Christ, the last great and mighty harvest of souls will be completed and the Father's heart satisfied and the bride made ready.

A month and a half after this dream the Lord gave me the following prophecy during a time when I was not relating to the dream or the above interpretation. The prophecy, I believe, sheds considerable light concerning the interpretation of the dream, and also serves as a vehicle to warn and instruct the Church.    

Prophecy –  A Door of Hope in the Valley of Trouble

The hour has come and will no longer be delayed for just as the house of Israel did not relent from its ways, so has America followed in her footsteps. She too has strayed from the ancient paths and has chosen to follow the ways of Baal

I can no longer stand the stench of the incense offered up to these false gods from a nation that has covered herself with the cape of deception, and not righteousness, that is so thin even the heathen can see her nakedness.

The hour has come and I am about to remove this thin veil and expose her true nakedness. I am going to show how she has prostituted herself to all the world for her own glory and not served the God whom she says she trusts.

The hour is late. And my people close their eyes and do not realize, nor do they want to believe, that the judgment of their God is going to fall on this land. Many believe that the storm clouds that are gathering are from Satan, and are taking the wrong stance, in that they are trying to bring to bear a spiritual shield and sword against it.

But I say to My people, this storm is from the Lord of the Harvest. And those who do not see this will reap the whirlwind themselves, trying to hold onto the chaff that I am about to remove and burn.

I say to My people, adjust your vision, adjust your pursuits and let go of those things that tie you to this world's system and dreams. Wear them ever so loosely, as Joseph did in Potiphar’s household. Transform your heart as well as your mind in this hour and begin to think differently; knowing in the Spirit that soon things will no longer be as they are, nor will ever be the same again in this nation, says the Lord.

From this hour of darkness I will harvest a great harvest of souls and I need workers who are ready and fully equipped for the task at hand. So come and help bear the sickle for this great harvest.

Only those who have true understanding will be able to stand and walk in this hour of darkness. So seek your God as never before in this hour and learn of His ways. Know the times and the season for the fig tree and all the trees are bearing their leaves. Summer is here and your God stands at the door.

It is a door of opportunity for the church, as well as a door of hope in the valley of trouble for this world. Church, I say to you, you must realize your correct stance, so that you can point the way during this hour of darkness in this nation. You can only know the way when you have walked these paths yourself.

Light and darkness are the same to Me, so as you truly walk in the light, you will also have no trouble walking in the time of darkness. Those who walk in the shadows of hypocrisy and deception will be blind in the darkness not knowing truth from error.

Acknowledge your blindness now and receive eyes, so that you can see. For the counsel of God is not given to the blind that say they can see, but those whose hearts are given to seek and to know the truth whatever the cost, says the Lord.

Nearly 20 years have past since this dream and interpretation, so we can have a hard look at reality with a better perspective looking back and forward to where we are today. Remember reality is our friend, while denial is our blindness. The following questions become more relevant today when we see the incredible speed of the “paganization” of the nations around the world taking place, ours included. We see the dismantling of Christian principles and the assault of the Word of God becoming the norm and not the exception. A “Contemporary God”, more relevant for today is being carried along with this current and many Christians are being caught up in it as well.


1. Where did you perceive this Nation to be today in relation to the interpretation scenario?
2. Where did you see yourself in the journey depicted in the interpretation?
3. Are you positioned and ready for what is ahead?
4. How clear is your spiritual vision?


Safety for the Journey ahead:

Secure yourself in an experiential intimate love relationship with God

1 Thessalonians 5: 1-11 (Verses 8 & 9 is the spiritual bunker against friendly fire and not so much against the enemy of your soul.)

Pay close attention to dreams and visions because we may not be hearing what God is saying to us repetitively while we are awake. Job 33:14-16

Stay in continued fellowship with other believers- going to “Church” is not enough. Heb 10: 25

Begin to pray and fast for God's protection for you and your family in the journey ahead, as in Ezra 8: 22-23

Pray for the harvest and Gods mercy for the City and Nation you live in, it will be for our welfare as well as theirs.   Jeremiah 29: 7, 11

Proverbs Chapters 1, 2 and 3 contain many promises for a safe journey in the storm, if heeded.

Do not listen to the false prophets or the misguided that are prophesying out of their own imaginations and not from the mouth of God- Jer. 23

Consider also, the article “A Prophetic View” this author published in a Long Island Christian Newspaper in January 2000, which was republished as “A Prophetic View…Revisited” in January 2002 after 911 occurred.

Excerpt:  "Great shaking and upheaval will begin. It will begin in suddenness as a sharp birth pang that will not die out before the next one. No one will be able to completely recover in their wake and, as the towers begin to fall, great fear will set in, so that no one will be at ease”.