Judging and Applying this Important Series of Prophecies

Shepherding this particular series of prophecies is extremely important because they were given years ago for a particular season the corporate church will be going through in this hour. Therefore, you need to be quickened by the Holy Spirit as to that what may apply to you in the moment, or to those around you for that matter. We want to be careful they are not misunderstood, misapplied or even despised because of misuse. It is like reading the Letters to the Seven Churches in Rev.Ch. 1 through 3.  Not all may apply to you, except those quickened by the Holy Spirit.

The prophecies are edifying, instructional, confirming and challenging. Certain ones foretell seasons we will pass through on our spiritual journey ahead and prepare us for battle. However, some of the words may be sobering and are meant to awaken the dull of spirit, but not to bring fear or condemnation on His people. Prayerfully sifting out the precious from the worthless is always part of judging prophecy. If you are not sure, take the liberty to see your Pastor, leaders or your mature mentor for their discernment.  When in doubt, check it out!

We are Almost There (Full Article)

I had one very unique experience in my walk with the Lord where He gave me about fifty prophecies in less than six weeks time. I later combined them into about forty themes, one of which I have included in this article (The remaining prophecies will be publish one per week on the AMS Website). Some times as many as five or six messages in tongues were received while I was driving the car and He would give me the interpretation when I had the time to settle in with Him. It was a special time in my life when I felt I went on a journey with Him to the edge of the “End of the Age” and received a glimpse of the age to come.

The experience reminded me of when I was a child and my Dad would drive the family up to our country house (my mother called it “the shack”, and I think the name stuck), and many times we would arrive after dark. We kids would be curled up in the back seat enduring the long trip, half awake in anticipation of our long awaited arrival. Well, often when we were almost there my father would crack the car window just a bit because he enjoyed the fresh country air with all its mixtures of fragrances (I knew them in every season being raised on the farm). I remember vividly when I smelled those fragrances  in the back of the car and I jumped up with expectation. I knew we were almost there and were very close to arriving at our longed for destination that was always filled with new adventures together as a family. That is exactly the way I felt after I received those fifty or so prophecies, “WE ARE ALMOST THERE”. The end of our earthly journey and the beginning of our heavenly one was not a distant horizon, but an exciting promised reality that was close at hand.

These early experiences were not just haphazard events, but training for my journey ahead where each faltering step seemed to steady me for what was to come. My hunger for the supernatural many times outweighed the hunger for His presence because it was exciting, but it was only for a season where He would turn may eyes back to Him. Yet in seeking the supernatural I was not only learning His ways, but who He was. It was the “Word made flesh” (John 1:14) and not just His revealed word in the Holy Scriptures to me, my sounding board for every experience. I often prayed, I wanted more- Whatever it takes!

This is the first of the forty prophecies that the Lord gave to me:

We are Almost There (Prophecies 1-40) 

1. A Nation Of Kings    
The day is coming soon My children, when the Scripture will be fulfilled which says,” All the Kings of the earth shall come and give Me glory and praise”. It is time for My people to see that I am preparing a Nation of Kings to rule with Me. This reality has only been a ”pie in the sky” for most of My people in the past. This ongoing revelation has captured the imagination of many, but now it is My desire to focus the hearts of My people to catch a glimpse of the New Age to impress upon them what needs to be accomplished in and through their lives to accommodate this transition.

First, your glory for the next age is being crystallized in this age by your faithfulness in that which I give you to do now. This glory will be fixed for eternity to come. It is difficult for you to see this from your present perspective, but once a precious stone is removed from the midst of the earth, cut and polished by the Gem Master, nothing more can be done to it except it be placed in its new setting.

It is true that you will receive a new and glorified body, but the work that I have done in your spirit will be what will shine forth for eternity. The new setting will allow my glory to shine forth unhindered and the brilliance of the stone will be magnified a thousand times because of the light of My presence.

I am calling My people to see their future in reigning with Me from a more heavenly perspective in the remaining years ahead. It is your calling, but it can only be fulfilled by My glorious power working in each of your lives now. So I ask each of you to yield your bodies as a living sacrifice to Me, unhindered by the call of the world and your fleshly desires, and I will bring it to pass, says the Lord.

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