Visit from Heavenly Optometrist (Full Article)

Be wise and seriously consider evaluating your present spiritual perceptions while reading these encounters. Later may be to late to take any meaningful actions for the welfare of you and your family. Examine both perspectives:

                                                Cover your right Eye. What do you see?  
                                                Cover your left eye. What do you see?

I believe I had a visit from the “Heavenly Optometrist”: As a seer and watchman I have been concerned that the body of Christ has two different views of the spiritual terrain ahead. One day the Lord said to me in my quiet time with Him:

Cover your right Eye. What do you see?

 I saw the Church:
– Praying for revival and healing of the land
– Praying for the Power of God
– Praying for Holiness
– Starting to come into selective Unity
– Drawing nearer in Worshipful prayer
– Preparing for Warfare on all fronts
– Struggling because our barns were filled with the world


Cover your left eye. What do you see?

 I saw the:
– Need to seek Heavenly strategy to know what God is doing
– Need for Identification Repentance  
– Coming storm clouds and an extended time of darkness
– Shaking of the Nations
– Nation being stripped economically
– Increasing political and social persecution
– Need to prepare for perilous times to know what to do 
– Church that is not ready or unified to go into exile because of the above

The Lord then said, “put on these new glasses., now what do you see?” . When I did the room got darker and darker and what I saw in the Spirit portrayed on the wall became brighter and brighter.

The Holy Spirit said, “What do you see?”

From a seer's perspective I saw that these were inverse transition lenses and the darker it had gotten the better I could see in the dark. It was like soldiers that use night goggles- 

 This is what I saw:

– The harvest ripened and the church purified by the shaking and prolonged darkness ahead.
– The remnant positioned to receive the harvest because “our barns” were being emptied of the things of the world by the shaking.
– The church throwing down the barriers between us and becoming unified in the midst of this shaking process.
– A sharing with one another like in the book of Acts and a demonstration of His love for one another.
– The fire of Love, Power and Glory of God arise in the church because of its love for holiness.
– The beginning of the harvest coming in as the church helped wield the sickle in the end time harvest.
– I also saw many spiritual casualties and suffering in the church because of the lack of understanding of God’s judgment and the lack of readiness for the times we are in.
– The beginning of apostasy because the love of many growing cold because of compromise and persecution.
– A time when no man can work.

We must have understanding and superimpose both (Perilous times and the Great Harvest)  in our spiritual vision to succeed.   We cannot walk in the Spirit nearly blind in one eye.

He said the church has 20/40 vision. We do not see that the Great Harvest will come during the perilous times and extended time of darkness. The greatest danger is not the increase in lawlessness. The greatest danger and darkness for the church is our lack of understanding of what God is doing in this hour and how the church is to prepare for it.

The body of Christ has 20/40 vision and needs new glasses for a Heavenly perspective.

      Reality is our friend!              Denial is our enemy! 

Unexpected Encounter
As a prophet I have had many other detailed dreams and prophecies in recent years which reveal what is about to unfold that are inline with God's purposes and how we should pray our way through and thrive in the journey ahead. The following is a vivid account of one of them:

While watching a TV movie scene one evening I saw a person sitting on a porch at night in a rocking chair on a ranch in the wilderness out west. The door was open wide and

there was a blazing fire inside in the fireplace, which lit up the cozy well appointed room within. The whole scene only lasted about 20 seconds, if that.

Instantly an overwhelming feeling came over me and flooded my heart as I stared at the fire in the scene for that few moments. The feelings I felt were warmth, comfort, provision and security, which I knew summed up the entire general wellbeing I was so used to while living in this nation.

At that very instant I began to weep and tears began to flow from my eyes, as I began uttering a message in tongues by the Spirit of God. I stopped for a moment to ponder this strange occurrence and I heard the Lord say, I am not finished yet, and I proceeded to continue speaking in my prayer language. When the movie was over I went before the Lord to receive the interpretation and this is what followed:

The Lord says, My soul weeps for this nation for what is about to befall it. The die has been cast because the seal has been opened. Yet I have heard the cries of my remnant that also weep.

Like in the days gone by the multitude have gone astray because they have cast their God aside for the idols of this world that cannot speak to them or hear their cries as the times of sorrow come upon them.

What is the answer for the multitude, unless I destroy their idols and they are no more? I find no pleasure in the pain and suffering that will come with it, but in the final count many will be saved.

My heart grieves even more that My church will also go through the fire and many will be casualties in the process, but many will be refined by the fire and shine brightly in this darkness.

These are the ones I desired to speak to during this short time remaining. Flee the bondage of Egypt now (the pursuit of the better life). Take what is necessary and load the camels for the journey in the wilderness ahead. By this I mean convert the tangible that will melt in the fire and bring forth the eternal currency by preparing to help others during the perilous times ahead. Do not depend on the currency of the dollar bill. Buy what you can now for the future because it will be burned in the fire.

What is commonplace now will become valuable and what is valuable will disappear. It will mean that you must have a paradigm shift in your thinking and not just faith to take action, says the Lord.

Luke 16:9 “And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by means of the wealth of unrighteousness, so that when it fails, they will receive you into the eternal dwelling.

I believe the Lord’s plan for a future and a hope for His church is a “Grandstand” plan not just to survive, but also to thrive in the darkness ahead and will be glorious. He will have a Remnant that are made up of the wise that will keep the fire burning in their hearts for Him, for that is what will bring us through the rough seas ahead.