When the Lord of the universe comes down and paints a moving picture in the sky that reflects His heart for unity in the body of Christ we sit up and take notice. The vision causes us to seek Him further to understand how it may affect the present generations. In doing so, it causes us to explore our journey together with excitement as He begins to reveal what He is doing and about to do. Truth has many layers and facets and is like a kaleidoscope. When one turns it and ponders what we see in His word it reveals live brilliant color; and in this case bringing the churches and generations together in unity. In taking this journey we can see various ways and approaches that God uses to accomplish His eternal plan and it is fascinating; especially since we are each an integral part of it as His bride.

Unity Vision Over Long Island

The vision occurred while driving on the Long Island Expressway heading East at sunrise.  It began with various colored streams in the sky and ended with a pure white river flowing into the gold of the sunrise. The interpretation wraps itself around Psalm 133 and the exciting scenario that follows to bring it about in the body of Christ.  It provides a glimpse of the challenges we will meet in its fulfillment to receive the “Commanded Blessing”.

Telegram and Telephone Messages from Heaven

These two heavenly messages came to me in a very peculiar way and are a lesson not to disconnect too quickly when heaven calls and wants to speak to us. The key was the timeliness in which they came regarding what God was doing in the region; and the other fit the next meeting I would attend to share the prophecy and the circumstances. Both are significant in how the Holy Spirit works.

The Sacred Commission

The heart of the Heavenly Father in Jesus' High Priestly Prayer (John 17) to become “One” is sacred. It is worthwhile stopping here to briefly explore because it will tend to ravage one’s heart; catching the fire of His love and passion that will propel us forward in His Kingdom purposes.

Love Fracking

The term “Love Fracking” is applied here to the removing process of “things that can be shaken in our lives, (Heb. 12: 27-29). It is intended to enlarge our heart for Him and those outside the Kingdom; and produce in us an eternal weight of glory as we become more fruitful.

Brides Dressing Room

The scene is the bride of Christ’s dressing room as she (the church) prepares herself for the coming Bridegroom. Besides our relationship with Him, we will be surprised at what each of our parts are in this dressing room to be ready or perhaps to be excluded.

Heavenly Bouquet ( Inspirational weekly Postings )


AMS Host Comments: Choosing your bridal bouquet when you enter your bridal chambers to worship and pray is a joy to His heart. We are bringing to Him a sweet fragrance from our hearts that are actually God breathed by the Holy Spirit. I believe you will find these fragrances in many of these poems that have been birthed in the chambers of prayer. Choose the flowers prayerfully that make up your own unique fragrance when you visit Him next.