We are being prepared here as a prophetic people to understand the times for the journey ahead.  To journey with hope is more important than arriving at the destination because, without it, the destination may never be reached. Just as faith without works is dead, hope alone is not strategy. It is vital we understand the difference; therefore we will explore some significant scenarios in these passages.  Encounters of dreams, visions, prophesies, trances, etc. are an important part and often a key to understanding of the times. This segment contains a past dream depicting a panoramic view of about three decades. The author also presents a series of spiritual encounters that shed light on the shaking the church will walk through that is followed by a prolonged period of darkness.  It is time to gird up our loins with the truth, not only with God’s word, but also with the knowledge of what He is doing in this hour, as the sons of Issachar (1Chr. 12:32 ) in days of old. Besides knowledge we will desperately need wisdom and each other to know what we are to do and not do. We are in for exciting times as these encounters predict what a mighty harvest is coming and ending with the Churches finest hour. 

1Chr. 12:32 Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…. 

Journey of a Prophetic People

It is important we see the role of the Body of Christ as a prophetic people so that strategy can be realized as we move forward. We have included a unique real life illustration to visualize how dynamic and strategic it will be in the changing journey. Looking ahead as watchmen, as well as dealing with the present is considered with a review of the arsenal to prepare us for both.

When the Towers Begin to Fall Dream

The dream “When the Towers Begin to Fall” was received several years before 9/11 took place and spans a journey through our present time and beyond. It contains several dynamic sequences of which some have occurred, some of which we have not yet lived through.  It strongly hints on how close we are to the Lord’s second coming.

Prophetic View Revisited

Included in this segment is an article by the author published in ”The Christian Life Times” newspaper on Long Island a year before 9/11 and republished several months following. It is valuable even today because it gives a clear prophetic view of what is to come and how to prepare for the times ahead.

Dismantling Dream

The “Dismantling Dream” came with accompanying prophecies, which are highly valuable in revealing what He is in the process of doing in this hour and wanting us to know and prepare beforehand.  It reveals the sovereignty and gentleness of God in helping us to consider the things that are of value, so we can receive the best in His Kingdom.

Workplace Dream

The workplace environment in this dream is strewn with storm clouds. It reveals the subtle dangers of leaving the safe place God provides us in the Household of God to try to find our own way in the world. These will not be ordinary times ahead and will be disastrous for those who remain unsheltered in the midst of it, opening many up to compromise.

Life Raft Dream

The Life Raft Dream indicates that conditions will change from “orange” to “red” rather rapidly and there will be lean times ahead that will not be short lived. The journey ahead is about to change and the wisdom we need for the economics of the future will be very valuable, so now is the time to seek Him for the time is growing short. 

Visit from Heavenly Optometrist

The visit from the “Heavenly Optometrist” came about one day while I was meditating on the two different views that the Church has of the spiritual terrain ahead. He showed me that the body of Christ has 20/40 vision and needs new glasses for a Heavenly perspective. The plan for His church is a glorious one to thrive in the darkness ahead, but we need correct vision.

We are Almost There ( Prophecies )

A brief fresh wind of the Holy Spirit unexpectedly revealed a lengthy series of Prophecies to me. As they unfolded I had a vivid impression of the nearness of the “Dawn of God’s New Age Kingdom”. Many of them revealed not so much a road map, but a glimpse of the spiritual terrain for the journey before us. This short two-month experience is the encounter, which filled my heart with the prophetic breath revealing: “We are Almost There”.