God is raising up a prophetic people in this hour and because of the great challenges ahead we need to be equipped to understand and function in our roles together. It is vital that we see the need for traveling companions with various spiritual gifts, especially as we see the dynamic changes in our journey. In this segment we see the church in various settings revealing to us the challenges we will face before the Lord's return, including a prolonged time of darkness. Whether we are sailors on the Lords vessels or foot soldiers in His awesome army, we are being prepared for the journey ahead. 

Vision of the Seagull, the Dove and the Eagle

At the beginning of this year I had a vision of a seagull flying from the West Coast towards the East Coast. As it went the seagull turned into a dove.  But when entering a storm in the middle of the Nation the dove was transformed into an Eagle. I saw the eagle flying high above the storm, and was easily soring while circling above it.

Preparation for Perilous Times

We have posted the article “Three Birds”- Seagull, Dove and the Eagle just above. Also a complementary vision of 3 sets of cupped hands with food in each, one for each specific type of bird. It spoke of the transformation needed of our spiritual condition necessary for the times ahead, ending with the eagle soaring high above the storm. I have two more visions I am going to share with you in this article for the times of uncertainty I believe are ahead.

Dream Stewardship

In our long journey ahead we will undoubtedly encounter dreams of our own or of others in the body of Christ and we need to learn to steward them properly. Dreams in the New Testament were given during perilous situations to warn and give strategic direction, and it is the primary reason I include a basic approach to help us hear the Lord. It should be in your spiritual backpack even if you are not a dreamer.

Red Moons Dream

The 2 Red Moons dream, along with the prophecy titled “Rapid Decompression”, are melded together to form a triage during times of crisis on our rapidly changing journey. It takes a sobering look at the Scriptures of what is ahead that were written down for our instruction and encouragement so that we might have hope (Rom.15:4).

Seeking a Safe Place Dream

“Seeking a Safe Place” is a dream a sister had which depicts a scenario containing crucial choices the church must begin to make to be prepared for the journey ahead. It reveals the importance of the need for seeking the Holy Spirit and interdependency in the body of Christ, especially between the generations.

Awaiting the Dawn Dream

Awaiting the Dawn dream is key to this decade and cannot be over emphasized in its importance. It deals with scenarios pertaining to the prolonged darkness that is coming and defining it specifically regarding the church. It also highlights a vivid scene just before darkness sets in that depicts the dangers of being out of our element as Christians. It also deals with how dreams can be utilized as effective teaching tools.

Faith Will Sing

Grace will sing the song even in the darkest night. Therefore, the theme of these prophecies is, you are to take heart and be of good courage and look up for our redemption draws near. When we praise God in song it also calms the soul and makes our faith grow stronger. Take hold of these words in this hour and sing for He is coming for a Victorious Church.

Church in the Midst of the Sea

The Church in the Midst of the Sea allegory is a picture of the church in the midst of the sea of nations (Prov. 30:19) and the individual believer. We explore it as a place of safety and cohabitation. It will test your seaworthiness, as well as prepare you for the rough seas ahead with the cry of the Spirit: “All Hands on Deck”.

Sailing the Seven Seas of Glory

“Sailing the Seven Seas of Glory” is about the glorious encounters the Church can anticipate on our seagoing journey ahead. However, I believe it cannot be fully applied to our lives unless we are prepared to face the many challenges ahead.

March to Glory

The March to Glory seeks to capture the vision of the church “as awesome as an army with banners” from Song of Solomon (6:10). It takes the reader on a journey alongside the road to glory with many encounters. With a glimpse of the war we are fighting, it challenges us to sign on the dotted line in this all volunteer army for there are “battle field commissions” waiting for many. The following Scripture sums up what is being said here. We will see 1 Thessalonians verses 8 and 9 not so much as spiritual armor protecting us from attacks from the enemy, but a spiritual bunker that we can enter into while God’s judgment (friendly fire) is being poured out all around us. In the midst of any hardship or adversity we may experience, we can be assured of His love and faithfulness, and the hope we have in Him.