Telegram and Telephone Messages from Heaven (Full Article)

Here are two encounters with the Lord that were out of the norm for me, that came about 4 months apart. It is to encourage you to be flexible and to pay attention to even minor interruptions from heaven and not to disconnect too quickly.
“Heavenly Telegram"
One day I had casually asked the Lord if He had a word for our Wednesday night Open Church meeting and before the thought had really completely left my heart I heard these words: “Morning comes, but also night.” As I pondered these words other words came slowly and deliberately one sentence at a time, as if you were reading a telegram to someone.
After I wrote the short message down in my journal I was reminded that a telegram was a brief message sent from a distance and personally delivered through another person. When they were originally first used they were almost exclusively used for very important or urgent messages. In fact, in those days when a person saw someone approaching in uniform to deliver one, a feeling of apprehension would come over them.

Each word was expensive. That is why they were kept to a minimum and if a thought was repeated it was for a very good reason- it was important. (I believe the word “Stop” after each sentence seemed to be used to make sure the reader got the full intent of the thought.)

These are the words of the message I am titling

“Heavenly Telegram”:
For reference:
Is. 21:11 - The oracle concerning Edom. One keeps calling to me from Seir,
“Watchman, how far gone is the night? Watchman, how far gone is the night?”
Is. 21:12 - The watchman says, “Morning comes but also night. If you would inquire, inquire; Come back again.”

Response from a friend who is prophetic when I shared it with him:
Seir was where Edom lived. These are descendants of Esau, who lost his inheritance because he could not control his appetites, either for food or women. The meaning of the Telegram is that this current moral darkness in our country will break for a season. The Church has a window of opportunity to reap souls and prepare for the final battle with an even greater moral struggle to come. But in order to succeed we must master our “appetites” as one does during Lent or else we will lose our inheritance as Edom did. The “stop” is the “Selah” pause in the Psalms, which meant, ” think about it, ponder it.”

“Answering the Call to Unity”
This word came to me in a very unusual way while playing a worship CD, worshiping and singing in my office; I began to speak a profound and relatively long message in tongues. The batteries went dead in the player about the time the message in tongues had ended and I continued to worship a-cappella. I momentarily dismissed the situation, but while I was ready to get up and work on the computer a thought came to me and I asked, “Lord did you want to say something to me?” because usually I write down a message after I speak in tongues, but not while I am engrossed verbally in worship.

The moment I said that in my heart the phone rang and I looked over at the caller ID while the answering machine was picking up and it said, “Answering Cal l- “Information”
(obviously a very timely telemarketer).

The answering machine program repeatedly said :  
Call for Information- All”,    “Call for Information -All”.

I realized it was an important word from the Lord and wrote the prophecy interpretation in my journal as I usually do:

My son, this is a special message for the Body of Christ:
Now is the hour to rise up and speak forth what you both hear and see in heaven. Know that the hourglass is almost empty and the grains of sand that remain will no longer tarry for the sons of men.

The sons and daughters of Issachar must come together in order to compare the pieces of puzzle that they have received and fit them together. No one Church, no one Stream has the whole answer. So make no mistake; to have the whole answer you must come together.
Remember that what each one holds are the keys to the others locks. Yes, they are the keys to the Kingdom that have been forecast down the ages for such a time as this. No longer will the vaults of heaven be sealed up, but will release on earth what has been bound up for this very hour, this very generation.

The One who is in heaven has begun to open the seals of judgments to be released on the earth, but at the same time My people are to bring forth the glory and power stored up for their generation. Know that the hour has come, so do not say what is being spoken is for times afar-off.

Tarry with Me, watch with Me and you will receive the power from on high as never before. Make no mistake, the day of My visitation is upon you, so do not allow your separation from one another to blind you of My visitation. For those who say they see while standing alone will be like the blind beggar standing on the side of the road as I pass them by, says the Lord.