Seeking a Safe Place Dream (Full Article)

Introduction: A sister in the Lord gave this dream to her pastor who passed it on to me for interpretation. I believe there are many lessons and crucial insights in it that need to be heeded in the hour in which we live.

Scene 1: My husband and I were walking around the street and there were buildings everywhere, tall buildings like we were in the city. Many other people were walking too. I felt fear and panic, but the fear and panic I felt was not me, but it was the feelings of the people around me.

I was sensing people were trying to leave; some were going inside the buildings, gates and elevators. I felt like something was happening or was going to, but my husband and I still kept our calm. We went into an elevator with some people and this guy said he knew where we have to go. He had a map in his hand. I told my husband we should get out of the elevator. We got out and someone followed and got out too.

Only one man stayed in the elevator. He got angry that everyone came out of the elevator because he was the one telling us it was okay and safe. He pulled out a gun and put it at his head. Then he took out the map and said he made a mistake and pointed to a spot on the map and said this is where we should be. I said, I don’t trust this guy and we decided not to go.

Scene 2: When my husband and I decided we were not going with the other people and follow this guy, it was like we were transported to another place. We were now on the huge concrete balcony. We were surrounded by mountains and  sky and that was all we could see.

In the sky there were 2 doves flying and it was so peaceful. We were the only two people there and I said to myself, how can I get the doves to come to us? I stretched my hands out and the dove landed on my finger, but the feathers turned to all different colors. My husband put his hand up and the other dove landed on his finger.

I put my hand up for the dove to fly away, but it held on tight and didn’t go. For some reason the dove died and the two feet came off the body, but the feet were still holding on to my fingers tightly. I got sad because it died and handed it to my husband. When he took it in his hands it was no longer the dove because it had changed into a cooked chicken.

Scene 3: When I looked at my hand there was another dove in my hand, but it was younger than the other one. There was a table with a big round bowl on it. I put some seeds in the bowl for the dove to eat the seeds. They were brown dry seeds. I put the dove in the bowl and I stirred the seeds with my hand and the seeds turned to fresh green seeds.


Introduction: The couple is a symbol of the church and is indicative of the covenant relationship we have with one another in the body of Christ. It also represents, as in any marriage, two different views and exchanges in working it out when walking together in unity. Keep in mind that the male and female roles are irrelevant in this dream, except in the fact that the wisdom of God is portrayed as female in the Scriptures.

Scene1: People are seeking a safe place in the high towers that the world has to offer. The church begins to calmly follow the crowd because she senses that calamity is near, but is confronted with the idiocy of the idea that the “World” thinks it has the answers and begins to turn away. The “World” is upset that the church is not following their expert advice and expresses its anger towards the church openly.

Scene 2: As soon as the church wholeheartedly turns away (by getting off the elevator) she finds herself in a safe place on the Rock (concrete balcony) where she has both protection (surrounded by mountains) and clarity of heavenly vision (sky).

The scene is best summarized by this scripture: 
Prov. 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower;  The righteous runs into it and is safe.
Prov. 18:11 A rich man’s wealth is his strong city,  And like a high wall in his own imagination.
Prov. 18:12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, But humility goes before honor.

It was a place of separation and no one else in the world shares it with her. The number 2 is symbolic of the harmony and agreement in the body of Christ. When this occurred by looking up to the heavens she saw the 2 doves, which represent a double portion of the Holy Spirit that was available to them. Even though they were of two different persuasions the thinking was, “how can I get the doves to come to us”? The church is then positioned to seeing and receiving from heaven, which begins with hands raised in worship and surrender.

One part of the body desired that they would receive what was available to them. She had the faith to desire this close relationship and with a gesture of faith positioned herself to receive what she did not have. And she received it as the dove landed on her finger and His feathers turned all different colors, representing the gifts. This seemed to incite her partner to raise his finger to receive the 2nd dove, which he did.

What happens next is very interesting because she seeks to release the Dove, perhaps because she felt He really wasn’t needed anymore because she had the gifts. But the feet held on, the bearer of good news for the world, one reason why He was sent.

When the dove died in her hands causing her to be saddened it meant that the Holy Spirit was not a respecter of persons in what she had (She was no longer the center of attention). And it was to be given to the rest of the body of Christ, through her, to feed and nourish them. (Unless a seed falls to the ground it abides alone. There was a death and transformation that was taking place)- Not me, myself and I, but us!

Last scene: This last scene I believe shifts to the next generation. This young dove was in her hand already. The large round bowl on the table is symbolic of the fact that this generation is set before us to be poured into. The seeds that we have must be placed in this generation. The church’s hand was used to stir up this generation to receive the Holy Spirit by coming along side them and to mix it up with them and not just to pray for them. In other words, "hands on".