Sailing the Seven Seas of Glory

“Sailing the Seven Seas of Glory” is about the glorious encounters the Church can anticipate on our seagoing journey ahead. However, I believe it cannot be fully applied to our lives unless we are prepared to face the many challenges ahead depicted in some of these writings: 

The “Church in the Midst of the Sea” allegory is a picture of the church in the midst of the sea of nations (Prov. 30:19) and the individual believer. We explore it as a place of safety and cohabitation. It will test your seaworthiness, as well as prepare you for the rough seas ahead with the cry of the Spirit: “All Hands on Deck”.

The “Storm Warning Flags” article examines the rapidly approaching hour of “uncertainty and turmoil” in the world we live in. It awakens us to the dangers of not recognizing and heeding the “calm before the storm”, encouraging the reader and alerting us to be in a state of anticipation and readiness according to the Scriptures.

The above two articles give us understanding of the “times” we will be facing and our need of wisdom to prepare for them and the coming harvest.

Below are a series of articles that the Lord has been showing me that are within the theme of (Sailing the Seven Seas of Glory).  As you read, its our prayer that the Lord would direct your heart toward His kingdom purposes.