Preparation for Perilous Times

Three Bird Transformation Vision

We have posted the article “Three Birds”- Seagull, Dove and the Eagle on the AMS Website. Also a complementary vision of 3 sets of cupped hands with food in each, one for each specific type of bird. It spoke of the transformation needed of our spiritual condition necessary for the times ahead, ending with the eagle soaring high above the storm. I have two more visions I am going to share with you in this article for the times of uncertainty I believe are ahead.

Three Baskets Vision
On 6-25-15 I saw a brief vision of 3 bushel baskets each with different labels:

1. Currency
2. Food
3. Emergency Provisions

I sensed the Lord saying that the time for warning will shortly be over and the three baskets He showed me are very literal. His people have these months ahead to deposit or adjust what is in them as led by the Holy Spirit. I believe He has showed me some baskets will not be real full because of lack, but they are not to worry- it will be available. We are not to procrastinate or panic in this effort, but it is time to be diligent to pray, take inventory and strategically begin to prepare in these three categories. I believe the journey is going to change suddenly and begin to become more perilous. 

“Stop, Look and Listen” Vision
Around the same period I saw a vision of a Railroad Crossing sign with Stop, Look and Listen on it. I believe the Lord told me it is time to: Stop, Look and Listen and what we hear to do may not be ordinary, but neither will the times that will be unfolding. 

My RR Crossing Testimony
When I was a youngster we lived in a rural area in the foothills of the Berkshires. The single railroad track ran along the shallow river in the valley below. My grandfather lived on the farm up in the hills nearby and would set his watch by the train whistle that always blew as it approached the crossing because there was no gate, visual or audible signals. 

The sign on the road and track crossing said, Stop, Look and Listen. I recall when my father approached the crossing he would roll down the window, stop at the crossing, look both ways and listen if he could hear the train coming. There was a sharp bend in the railroad track just before the crossing, so the hearing was just as vital as seeing the approaching train. We used the same caution when we were about to cross during our bike riding jaunts through the countryside.

Putting your Ear to the Track
Occasionally we kids would walk the RR tracks a couple of miles to a trout brook that emptied into the river. On the way there was a fairly long bridge that straddled the river and once you began walking over it on the tracks you were committed because of the height of the span. I remember when we were about to cross we did not depend on hearing the sound of the train, especially if the wind was blowing in a certain direction. We would put our ear to the track and if the train was approaching you could feel and hear the vibration only in the track.

Reasoning Must Often Take a Backseat
As a pastor put it in his teaching recently, there are under-rumblings in the Spirit today that we cannot ignore. It is a season of revelation where reasoning must often take a backseat, he proclaimed. Our society has bought into the Greek philosophy supplanting revelation with reasoning. It is imperitive that we walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5: 16, 25). However, this is not always easy: 

Prov. 3:5      Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
And do not lean on your own understanding. 
Prov. 3:6      In all your ways acknowledge Him, 
And He will make your paths straight.

3 Tracks of Preparation
The photo of the RR Crossing sign with the “3 Tracks” indicated on it was provided to me by my Webmaster.  It is indicative of the three areas we are to hear the Lord for preparation as we continue our journey. 

Many are Unresponsive
The Lord had revealed to me that the churches by and large have not responded and He is now warning individuals and families. A case in point is when I mentioned this to another couple they said that this past Sunday at their church a very godly woman they know was approaching people individually and warning them to prepare.

The Hourglass
The Hourglass is almost empty and I believe the Lord has said: “The Shift” has started. It is my impression that we will endure the severe shaking for at least 6 months. However, after this period the Nation will not return to “normalcy” as we know it today. 

“The Hour is Approaching”
The Lord has said to me, “Stay close to Me, so you can hear from the Holy Spirit clearly and on new levels. Revelation is going to increase with new clarity in this hour with dreams, visions and trances, so pay close attention to them.” It is a big reason why we need one another, especially when we see the day drawing near. The Lord said for me to change the verbiage from “The Hour is Late” to “The Hour is Approaching”

Faith and Presumption
Remember how Jesus told His disciples in His day to go out with just their clothes on their backs.  The journey was changing as time went on and He knew they would have presumed the same scenario. He said this time take money belts and if they didn’t have a sword, sell their cloak and go buy one. He was prophesying to them because the season was changing and different preparations were needed. 

I truly believe “The Hour is Late” has changed to “The Hour is Approachingwhich is the very reason I am publishing this article. Putting your ear to the RR track in the Spirit means that you must be ready to hear some hard things. Are you ready?

Question of Accountability:
What percent of this article do you believe is true?
25%        50 %       75%         100 %

Are you and your family prepared to that degree?
What do you have in your “Baskets”?
Do you hear the Train coming?
Do you have your ear to the Tracks?
How far away do you think the Train is?
Pray for wisdom and understanding and share what you hear with others.