When we consider the hour I believe we must seriously consider Israel. All of us realize there are many scenarios on the world stage that can trigger the world to spiral out of control.  One of those scenarios we will examine is the time of “Jacob's Trouble” (Jer. 30:7) where much will center around the Nation of Israel. I believe this will begin the perilous times and usher in sudden darkness and economic collapse, shortages and turmoil that the Scriptures predicted in the end of the age. The world events will turn quickly and much of the church will participate in the trek of the Jewish people returning back to Israel from the nations. We survey the church's struggle and consternation as it enters into the fray and seeks to come alongside and aid in their return. I believe it will facilitate the church and Israel becoming “one new man” that we will briefly discuss. In any case it is the hour to pray for the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people as never before.

Jacob Generation

I believe this is the Jacob generation, in that we will go through that period of history called “Jacob's Trouble”. As we will see we need to have understanding and know how to prepare for it as in Jeremiah’s day.  The true Church will rise up to help the Jewish people return to Israel at great costs; in turn the Church too will be cast into “exile”. We use “exile” here because the Nation will have changed to such a degree it will be like living in a different country.  The body of Christ will face many threats that we will cover briefly, so do not miss this strategic preparation in this hour.

Yeshiva Dream

The timeliness, as well as the content of the “Yeshiva” dream is very important. It confirmed what I had written in the “Jacob Generation several months earlier about the future exodus of the Jewish people returning to Israel due to worldwide persecution. The unusual prophecy and interpretation presents along with it serious questions highlighting the importance of understanding, what I believe, we will live through in this decade.

Lion of Judah 

One evening in September when I was about to go to the loft in my home to watch the evening news about the turmoil in the Middle East, the Lord directed me to go into my office. The impression I had was that He was going to tell me what was going to take place. I believe He gave me the following word I titled the “Lion of Judah” and told me to put it on the website. I have included some other introductory comments to the subject for you to chew on.

One New Man

I have put a basic introduction to the mystery of the “one new man” in Rom. 11. It will make many aware of the change in season to unfold that we will walk through as the remnant of spiritual Israel and the Church begin to become one. It exhorts the Watchmen to “consider the hour” very carefully regarding the nation of Israel and the Church.  We are to play a strategic role in standing with her as they are driven from the nations in times to come. We will also touch on the importance of handling our Hebrew or Jewish roots stream, as well.