Dismantling Dream (Full Article)

I found myself in this very large house exquisitely decorated near the ocean in an upscale neighborhood. We as Christians knew that the house was going to be dismantled or at least stripped of much of the contents, so we were impressed to look for the valuables in it to save them for future use. I had the impression that I was assisting whom I believed were the owners standing behind a small table near the entranceway of the house.

We were to search for what might have been hidden or valuable so that it could be saved. Three old tin boxes with hinged covers were closed on the table. We opened one box and it contained hundred dollar bills neatly packaged in it, I estimated to be about $100,000. My impression was that the other two tin boxes I did not open contained keepsakes in them and were presented on the table together, but I willingly left them with the owners standing at the table

There were many Christians in the house going about casually just looking for things that they wanted for themselves, not so much things that they really needed, just nice things and removing them. The impression was that we were preserving that which would be lost if not taken up and saved for later on, which seemed to be wisdom. I saw a set of three plaques on the kitchen wall that I felt would go with what we had in our kitchen at home, and effortlessly removed them from the wall and tucked them under my arm.

In the middle of this there were some discussions which I was a part of about a large beautiful spread that should be taken up. There was some confusion and concern whether it would fit or how it could be used in the new setting. This seemed to be unresolved and it probably was not removed.

I found myself breaking through the sheet rock with a hammer at one point, so that the studs were exposed, seemingly looking for things of value that might be hidden in the inner walls of the structure (I believe it was in the kitchen).

In the next scene I remember seeing one of my children (my oldest one) walking away from the house with some stuff in a big brown paper bag in his arms. It seemed like some of it that I could see sticking out were some traditional Christmas decorations that reminded me of the family's past.

At the end of the dream I saw a boat stacked full of articles (reminded me of the Beverly Hillbillies truck) going very slowly down a narrow Canal that was only a little wider than the boat, with pilings on either side. The boat was not a pleasure boat, but something like a flat bottom houseboat. The canal was so narrow that the boat could not turn around to go back, but appeared to be just floating down the Canal with hardly any wake. End of Dream

I received the following Prophecy after writing down the dream the same morning:

My son, the dream I have given you is one that you will live through from beginning to end. In it you will find that I will remove all that people have held on to so tightly and in the process they will search deeper for the true meaning and value of existence.

My church must be made aware that the process is accelerating and they must take leave of all that will hold them to this present structure and begin to move into the realm of My Spirit. There will only be left an empty shell of the present structure, as you know it.

The dream does not show the pain and anguish of the many who seek to hold on to what will be shaken, nor does it depict the turmoil of the world’s reaction to the shaking, which will produce perilous times.

The dream only shows the mature ones that will make the transition easily because of the grace and mercy that has taken them to the place of the knowledge of the God who cares for them and provides for them.

Take my hand and allow me to transition you into a new creature, for that is what will be needed in the new journey ahead. The journey, which flows into the arms of a loving Savior in eternity, says the Lord.

The Interpretation of the Dream became somewhat clearer with the above:

(Bold phrases are keyed to the dreams) 

The House represents our society, as we know it today, which was in the process of being dismantled or stripped. The owners of the house appeared at a table in the dream first showing that they were truly in charge. The impression was that the partial emptying of the house was imminent and that the process to remove all that was of extreme value first had already begun by some.

The Table that the owners were standing behind is significant in that it shows the ready provision that they had provided. (They are the owners of the house, but not the builders of the house; but they were in control.)

The Search: The hundred thousand dollar find seems to be symbolic of what we will bring from this present society as a result of our search to reveal His Kingdom glory because we will return it to Him with little attachment. It will come from searching with the owners of the house in mind and not for ourselves. The Keepsakes in the other closed tin boxes may be relevant to the glory that has come forth as a result of pursuing God’s Kingdom purposes which are preserved and will be opened and revealed in glory for us.

Christians knew: In the dream many are aware of changes that are already in process and are trying to search for what is of value to preserve it for the future. The wise and mature in His Kingdom have insight as to the times and they are prudent and consider the future to conserve and steward it now. (We are to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.)

Things of the world will become very scarce, especially things that are of value or a luxury. (Severe inflation and scarcity are on the horizon.) Things of luxury that we take for granted will begin to be slowly stripped away in our society. They will become scarce, especially the finer things or luxury that people desire and feed upon.

The Kitchen is a symbol of the heart of the house and is where food is prepared to be served and will be preserved. The decorations on the wall that I removed show continuity of the warmth and love that comes from it, something I already have in my home (matching our kitchen) that I value to be preserved. Tucked under my arms is to hold on to things of this world loosely, so that when we have to embrace things of the Kingdom we have our hands free to do so.

The Beautiful Spread is significant in that it will not fit in the new scheme of things because, even  though it is beautiful, it can cover over the reality of the harshness that can be hidden under it that needs to be exposed and restored. The dilemma of the beautiful spread represents an uncertainty of what may be a need and what may be a want in the future, since needs and wants are two different things. Depending on one's mindset of wants and needs can be widely disputed and can cause us great concern. Without the beautiful bedspread the wants and needs will be exposed. It was determined that certain external things that we have now to cover the ugly or make the mundane more beautiful must be left behind. We will have to depend on a different kind of joy and not a superficial one.

Breaking of the sheetrock with a hammer is like His word and reveals what is hidden underneath. It can break through the artificial fabric of society when used properly. The shattering of the sheetrock shows how deep the word must go in society so that people will become desperate and search for the hidden meaning of life. What is going to occur will affect the very fabric of life, deeper than the dilemma of the absence of the beautiful spread, which covers the crude and mundane.

Traditions & Memories: Seeing my oldest child walking away from the house with so little was surprising at first as I thought about it. However, he values family and the traditions from our examples and it represented what he had in the large open bag, including articles that we used in celebration of holidays. It shows me that certain traditions passed down to the next generation will not be affected and still will be kept by them in the future because they have value, as long as they do not become idols or hinder new revelation from coming forth. I also had the impression that in the bag were also valuable memories of the past that can be relied upon and were a big part of his treasure.

The narrow canal represents the flow of God’s Spirit that will usher in the new age as it flows into the ocean of His love. The pilings along the side of the canal represent the cross ever before us that will keep us on the straight and narrow path.

The plain flat bottom boat like a houseboat represents the journey ahead for the church. The boat was not a luxurious one, but will contain the needed essentials for the people of God. It was filled with articles from the house loosely stacked indicating it only had a temporary use and value, revealing we are just sojourners in this life and in the process of moving on to another. There was no room for the boat to turn around or turn away from either of the jetties, nor would there be anything more added to it in articles. Society will not return to what it was in past luxury.

Word from the Lord two weeks later –

My son, there are times and seasons that do not change, but what is about to transpire is rapid change. You are to warn my people that changes will occur that will affect their lives, but they are not to be alarmed for it is what is being called down from heaven.

My namesake must be upheld as righteous judge and even though forgiveness will be this Nation’s portion, the deeds of this Nation can no longer be ignored. Tell them to salvage what they can of all that has been given to this Nation because much will not last.

What does it truly mean to my people? It means that they will have to be under this dark cloud for the season ahead, until my words are fulfilled and I will satisfy My righteous judgment, says the Lord.

Do not look at the dark clouds, but remain steadfast while continuing to hold fast to My presence and My words of life. Encourage my people daily not to forsake fellowship vertically and horizontally for the day draws near when no man can work.

This message is not to be taken lightly for it is for this very hour. I have given you several dreams that say the same things:

 “Be dressed in readiness and keep your lamps lit”.