Awaiting the Dawn Dream (Full Article)

Although the main character in this dream is myself, it is about the prophetic or watchmen mantle. Many of you will be wearing that same mantle or walking with those who do in the journey ahead. I believe the Holy Spirit had me include this dream so that you will be able to comprehend it when you experience dream manifestations corporately.

The first three scenes contain sequential scenarios depicting the coming darkness and God preparing His church for it, and will help prepare us to be braced with strength and wisdom for the season ahead. It is a key long-term dream and should not be forgotten. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Scene 1: I found myself with a group of men in what seemed to be in a defense plant. We were rearranging a table and chairs, so that everyone could fit. There seemed to be a threat of some kind of layoff or a reduction in force, so I volunteered to go over to another building where the Navy operated to get us some other work because I said I knew something about their effort.

Interpretation: Scene 1A realignment of intercessors is coming in order to draw together and function as one. It seems there will be a need for regional forums in the body of Christ (i.e. the table and chairs), as well as prayer.

The lack of strategy for the war effort (prayer) seems to be the reason for the feeling of the reduction in force because that was what we were in the defense plant for. There was work in another arena that we became aware of- the Navy Department.

A shift in defense focus from the local church to the *church in the midst of the sea of nations will take place, as deep darkness begins to cover the peoples of the earth.

Is. 60:2 “For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you

The “Fog of War” will set in. Laws will change quickly, and governments will seize control with little effort, taking advantage of crisis after crisis to speed the agenda of the New World Order and to subdue Christianity. The church must now begin to function and fight as a Battle Fleet or Armada, which will include a new sphere of authority in the regional as well as the global scene.

*Church in the midst of the sea of nations is the church or believer in the midst of the world:
Proverbs 30: 18 There are three things which are too wonderful for me, Four which I do not understand
One of them is in verse 19: ”The way of a ship in the middle of the sea”

Many times in Scripture a ship is utilized as an allegory to express the believer or the church in this world. The only hope that is truly present in a physical way in this world is the church because of who we are in Christ. The sea is often reflected as the sea of nations or the sea of life of the believer. I see the church at large in this way as an Armada, but also a local church as kind of a three-masted sailing vessel that contains the life of God. The sails are faith held out by the believers. The ropes are the commitments of the believers that hold the sails taught and the mast in place. The ship afloat can be likened to “fire ants” when dropped in the water as a group and lock their jaws together and form a raft. However when one fire ant is dropped in the water by itself, it will eventually drown. From a human nature standpoint it will be difficult to remain buoyant spiritually and in the natural because of great challenges we will face. Jesus Himself warned us of the sudden darkness and taught this expressly for the generation preceding His second coming.

Scene 2: I was in the same area with the men, but found the room rearranged and a bed and a nightstand in one corner of the large room, which once was the work area. It only had the bare essentials. I found myself in a bed and when I tried to look into the other part of the room where the men were it had gotten considerably dark and I could hardly see into that area. A young boy realized that there was no desk or chair in my room and proceeded to push them together into my area. He was probably too young to carry it. (Not sure if I asked for one or it was just provided.)

Interpretation: Scene 2: Darkness causes a physical separation and a rearrangement of how the church meets, making room for the spirit of Elijah to function for this season in the church. The bed was a place of seclusion, waiting and rest, not sleeping.

There will be a need to specialize in function and focus. It seems that there will be an appointed time during this period to receive and write down needed revelation (Chair & Desk pushed in by the young child). . Watchmen are exhorted in Hab. 2:1-3 to watch, pray and record what they see so others may be informed and run the race with it.

Scene 3: At that point the room became completely dark and I sensed that I was closed off by myself from the others in the small room. It seemed to be a considerable period of time that I was laying there awake and I felt that it should start to get light again. There were two windows in the room and I got up and twisted the verticals on one of the windows to see if it was getting light and it was not. I got back into bed and waited and again I got up after a time and opened the other vertical to see if it was getting light and it was not. I thought it would be easier to see if it was getting light if both verticals were open and I got back into bed and waited. After awhile I thought by now it surely should be getting towards dawn and I got up the third time and pushed the verticals completely aside in both windows. It seemed that there was a slight indication that the dawn may be beginning to break.

Interpretation Scene 3: The important function during this time of prolonged darkness will be to accurately hear from heaven as to how soon the dawn will begin to break. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” and false predictions may well be fatal to many during this period because many around them may be leaving the faith through compromise. People will be looking for answers, for hope in those critical times. To journey with hope is more important than arriving. The symbol of the watchman getting up three times (adjusting the verticals) to seek revelation from heaven before signs of the dawn breaking is significant in that it reveals Divine fullness of time or completion. Adjusting the verticals may be considered as adjusting our mindset to heaven's view.

It reminds me of Is. 21:11  The oracle concerning Edom.
One keeps calling to me from Seir, (the wilderness)
“Watchman, how far gone is the night?
Watchman, how far gone is the night?”
Is. 21:12 The watchman says,“Morning comes but also night.
If you would inquire, inquire; Come back again.”

It will be a time when no man can work and it will be drawing near:
John 9:4 “We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.

Scene 4: I found myself near the water's edge of what seemed like a small lake and it was daylight, before the darkness had set in. While standing there at the edge of the lake, all of a sudden several hundreds if not more, of ducks and geese of various sizes, species and colors began to run down the hill toward the edge of the lake where I was standing. I assumed that they were going to all plunge into the water, but they stopped at the water’s edge and just started walking around flapping and stretching their wings, preening themselves. Not one entered the water.

When looking at this awesome spectacle I noticed a large white tom turkey out in the midst of the waterfowl, not near the water, but quite away from the water's edge. It was out of place because of its size and species. I sensed that it was going to start trouble in the area around it because of its intimidating size, and not belonging because it was of another species. It was at least five times bigger than the largest waterfowl. End of dream.

Interpretation: Scene 4Several warnings for the present church are illustrated in this dream. The waterfowl indicate the church is vulnerable because they are out of their element and are like “sitting ducks” even though they are near the water's edge, indicating the nearness of the presence of God. As the conditions in the world go downhill the church will come running to the water's edge, but still will not go into the water. These Christians do not realize that they are still out of their element for which they were created and needed to be in the water or in the air, especially at this vital time. Many Christians feel more at home in the world (walking on dry land) than living in the realm of the Spirit, which will become increasingly dangerous as the darkness increases. The other warning in the dream is that the further those in the flock were from the water's edge (presence of God) the more vulnerable they were to Satan, the angel of light (white Tom turkey).

In the dream I believe the waterfowl symbolize those Christians who believe but are complacent at the water's edge, stretching their spiritual wings and flapping them; believing they were doing well and exciting one another with their testimonies. (“Waterfowl will flap their wings to help preen themselves, show dominance or because they have not used their wings to fly and want to exercise them”.)

This scene near the water's edge takes place while it is still daylight indicating there is still some time left; time to be equipped for the coming darkness. Many Christians are running to the presence of God (the water's edge), but refuse to take the plunge into the waters: Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire; and perhaps even water Baptism for some. I am not going to belabor the issue here because I believe the Holy Spirit is living testimony enough of the need for more of God, if we are hearing His voice.

However I will say this in closing this interpretation. I once used an analogy of an invisible one-foot high chicken wire fence in front of the altar that was keeping some people from responding to the alter call to go deeper into the river of God. There is a fence in our minds, some bigger than others that keeps us from the deeper things of God. It is the fear of letting go completely of control and trusting Him as the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only one who saves and can baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire (Matt. 3:11). I pray that you go to Him in faith.

Utilization: How I was able to use this dream: There was nothing in it that I did not know before. However, it becomes a valuable teaching tool by presenting the dream initially without the interpretation because people get caught up in the story and wonderment. People love stories and riddles. That is why Jesus used parables and stories so often. When people get caught up in the story, and are identified in it, they can be confronted with truth, and many times are. What they do with that truth is between them and the Holy Spirit.

Critical Understanding

Darkness on the earth is an evil system that absolutely opposes the light. The darkness also arises from error, ignorance, disobedience, willful blindness, and rebellion. The biggest enemy of the church today is not the evil system, but “Error and Ignorance”. The light in many of us, (the way we have interpreted end time scripture), may have become darkness. This can affect how we perceive everything else and manage our lives in posturing us for the future.

Luke 11:34 “The eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light; but when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness.

35 “Then watch out that the light in you is not darkness. 

36 “If therefore your whole body is full of light, with no dark part in it, it will be wholly illumined, as when the lamp illumines you with its rays.”

In Summary: I believe the generation that precedes the Lord's Second Coming must be equipped collectively to be a prophetic people not just for within the body of Christ. Many who have the “gift of interpretation of dreams” are being “sent” into the marketplace as teams after receiving training and are able to use it as an evangelism tool. However, the Holy Spirit can come upon us at His choosing when the need is there and use us sporadically in any of the gifts without it being truly resident in us -there is a difference, so be available.