A Pause in Our Journey - Two Prophecies

Ezra’s journey from Babylon to Jerusalem is indicative of our present journey to the New Jerusalem. His insight of the dangers ahead after given a decree and provisions (silver and gold) by Artaxerxes king of kings to make the journey had the wisdom to prepare the people beforehand. He gathered the people at the river that flowed to Ahava to seek God’s protection and guidance for the long journey ahead for he knew it would be a dangerous one. I offer these two prophecies reflecting the need to come together for strategy from heaven for our journey:

Gather at the River (Prophecy 1)

My son, gather the warriors, gather the intercessors, gather the minstrels for the day of the Lord is at hand. Gather at the river Ahava* for the journey ahead. Do not delay for the day of preparation is at hand.The day of exile is the call to come out of her. Those who remain will reap distraction from what I am about to do on the earth. Now is not the time to procrastinate, or to linger in the shadows of darkness.Take heed for the hour is later than you think. Lift your heads from the busyness and preoccupation in this world for it will be quickly passing away. You cannot gauge the serenity on earth by the present relative peaceful atmosphere in this nation.No longer will a prophetic warning be given to come out of her for the shaking is already beginning. And those who have an ear to hear already sense the seismic tremors deep within the systems of this world. 

Join hands with one another now in friendship and unity for a chord of three strands cannot easily be broken. The storm clouds are gathering quickly and the storehouse of winds is being unlocked to bring their devastation. The wheat is being readied to be brought into the barns during this coming harvest, so be ready to receive it.Be wise and prudent for the hour of devastation is at hand and those who are prepared will receive the treasures in heaven when I return.  It is the only place that will be safe to store your future, says the Lord.

(Ezra 8: 15-23) - From Internet “Bible Study Tools”:

*AHAVA - a-ha'-va ('ahawa'):

The river in Babylonia on the banks of which Ezra gathered together the Jews who accompanied him to Jerusalem. At this rendezvous the company encamped for three days to make preparation for the difficult and dangerous journey (Ezra 8:15). On reviewing the people and the priests Ezra found no Levites among them; he therefore sent to Iddo, "the chief at the place Casiphia," a request for ministers for the temple. A number of Levites with 220 Nethinim returned to the rendezvous with the deputation. Ezra had expressed to the king his faith in the protection of God; being, therefore, ashamed to ask for a military escort he proclaimed a fast to seek of God "a straight way." To 12 priests Ezra assigned the care of the offering for the temple in Jerusalem. When all was ready the company "departed from the river Ahava," and journeyed in safety to Jerusalem.

The Streams of God (Prophecy 2)

My Streams are slowly beginning to come together and flow together, but time is of the essence. The river whose Streams make glad the City of God is not accidentally merging as one, where tributaries find their way to meet together.

No! My Spirit is accelerating and working them to come together now as never before! Often the merging is rough and sometimes unpredictable and that is when the five fold ministries must stand strong together for the greater good of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not the time to placate one another and not truly embrace what I am commanding in the hour at hand, says the Lord.Take care that your traditions do not continue to keep you apart for they will quickly become stale or even die without My life. You will see much movement in the body of Christ where this reign of traditionalism chokes the life that was once evident. Structures will begin to be shaken by My hand and without delay and may be mistaken for the enemy. But I say, I will be shaking everything that can be shaken and only that which cannot be shaken will remain, says the Lord. 

Many will try to arm wrestle with their God in this next move of unity, but I say better to wrestle against principalities and powers than My defining Word in this hour.  Those who do persist will find themselves with little strength to fight the turbulent battles ahead where it will be much needed, says the Lord.

Psa. 46:4  There is a river whose streams make glad thecity of God, 
The holy dwelling places of the Most High.

“Be crisis prepared and ready to find the redemptive path in it.” 
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 J.J. Lutz

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