About Joe Lutz

Founder of Across Many Streams ( A 501c/3 Ministry )

Joe served as Co-Pastor in the Farmingdale Christian Church since its founding in the early seventies where he was ordained into the Christian Ministry, while providing for his wife and four children as a Project Engineer for Grumman Data Systems. He also served as Co-Pastor, planting the Copiague Christian Church in March 1998 where he was released from serving in October 2007 by the leadership and their apostolic oversight to further pursue his regional calling.

He then served for five years at Word of Jesus Worship Center in Holbrook by invitation of Pastor Tom Carey as a consultant and support to the Pastors and their leadership team, and as a prophetic voice.  Joe has had a close relationship with City on a Hill Community Church in Middle Island for number of years and has shared in other regional churches upon invitation. He is currently involved in church strenghtning and restorations with Apostle Tom Carey in the region where needed. 

The gifts and the power of the Spirit are evident in his ministry, as well as the prophetic mantle for intercession. Joe has also been used in providing insight through the interpretation of dreams and visions and speaking into the lives of emerging prophetic men and woman. 

As a prophetic voice and seer in the region, Joe’s passion is to strengthen and equip the Churches to be “Dressed in Readiness” and to understand the times we are living in through exhortation and written articles, creating faith in people may be becoming increasingly fearful. Over the years he has done liaison work with the Salvation Army and the Churches to help prepare for the perilous times that he sees are ahead; partially through many prophetic dreams and prophecies he has personally received.

Joe is also the founder of “Across Many Streams Ministries” (1990) whose goal is to strengthen and promote Kingdom unity among the Churches, as well as establishing a 24/7 Watchman Prayer Tower on LI manned by collective Churches, including Prophetic Intercession and Worship Teams. He has participated in many Regional Pastor/Ministers prayer and fellowship meetings over the years to that end. He is presently getting ready to publish “Journey to the Edge” with a focus of inspiring passion in this generation to follow after God and Kingdom purposes.

At the Helm- Pointing the Way

The picture “At the Helm” with Jesus pointing the way captured my heart in my early Christian walk. The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” became a vivid reality when I would view the nautical decor and sailing ships in my office. It became a further realism after touring the three-masted sailing ship from stem to stern in a trance one day as related in this website (The Church in the Midst of the Sea). It has been the ensign I have sought to fly in my heart these many years. It is probably why I chose the ships helm as part of the logo for Across Many Streams. “He brings them into their desired haven” (Ps 107:30) is a promise I have held on to in my heart.

There is an old sailor song that had seized my heart. I have sung it over the years with a new meaning, which became a call to launch out in the spiritual deep beyond the sight of land:

Oh the ocean waves may roll, let them roll
And the stormy winds may blow, let them blow
But we brave sailors go skipping to the top
As the landlubbers lie down below

Across Many Streams (AMS) Vision & Calling

AMS has been birthed out of the Vision seen over LI depicting the Churches uniting, journeying as one and pursuing a Kingdom vision, so that the world may see Jesus Christ and Him alone. I do not believe we will truly see this happen unless we begin to pass the baton to the next generation, which I call “Generational Convergence”. No matter which end of the baton you are on, this website is for you.

The Website provides a variety of “Paradigm’s” with a prophetic view of the past, present and future of the workings of God.

God is raising up a prophetic people in our generation endowed with spiritual perception and accuracy. The greatest darkness I see facing the Church in our journey forward is the lack of understanding in knowing what God is doing and what we are to do in the turbulent times ahead. With the absence of this light, increase in darkness for the Church is inevitable and so will be the spiritual casualties. To navigate the waters ahead we will need this light and one another. I believe Across Many Streams will help further that end to be equipped, watchful and to stay connected in this strategic hour.

In our western society it has been noted that we value the present very highly. The “here and now” is so valued that we tend not to face problems until they are upon us. This has crept into the Church due to the Influence of society on all of us from the top down. The scriptures do not emulate this and neither did Jesus who many times gave predictive and instructive forewarnings:

Matt. 24:25 “Behold, I have told you in advance.  
Mark 13:23 “But take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance.

Rev. 4:1  After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, “ Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.”

Often it is much easier to live in denial than it is to face reality. We do not want to face what we think we may loose (security, control, comfort, identity, friends, pride of being right, etc.), which is the source of most fears, if not all. Denials can be like shadows, which cross our path from time to time and we often cast them behind us not realizing they are still there when we turn toward the light

In His light we see light with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

Psa. 36:9 –  For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light.

The AMS Website can best be described as both a “prophetic picture” which contains elements of a “*triangulation” of the past, present and future information and events. You will find that the Website reflects the mixture of the calling of a prophet, dreamer of dreams and a watchman relating the language of the Holy Spirit in this strategic hour. It is of great concern that we may be able to navigate the waters and thrive on our journey ahead in order to draw in the Great Harvest.

Dreamer of Prophetic Dreams

I believe because I have been called as a watchman to see, blow the trumpet, point the way and intercede for the Church at large. I have been given many prophetic dreams to confirm and articulate what I have seen and prophesied as a prophet. The dreams were real and vivid and the interpretations are just that, interpretations. However, I take them very seriously and also consult and pray with others about them; and you should view them only as confirmation of a part of a bigger picture God may show you. The dreams are informative as well as instructive and are often Gods fall back position when we are not listening and He trying to keep us from destruction (Job 33: 13-18).

As a Watchmen there has been an urgency in my spirit to sound the alarm in recent years to prepare God’s people for the perilous times ahead and to know what it means to “Be dressed in readiness and keep our lamps lit”. God has called me as a seer and a prophetic voice from the day I came into His Kingdom to “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run.” (Hab.2: 1-3) and release what has been chronicled over the years to the Body of Christ to help point the way.

Most Postings will be from personal revelations, dreams, prophecies, spiritual experiences, etc. and are largely from one persons understanding. They may lean in one direction. However, I would rather err on the side of caution in order to awaken the Body to begin to turn our heads to face reality for the journey ahead, as long as it does not cause people to stumble. I do not take the calling as a watchman lightly and my hope is that the Body of Christ will be able to be discerning to judge what is written here for the glory of God.

It has been said, **“Watchmen are to watch over the purposes of God, the rights of God, the interests of God and the work of God. They are answerable and accountable to God and are responsible for what He has entrusted to them in vision, understanding and work”

**Lance Lambert’s Middle East Update- May 2005   cfiusa@cfi-usa.org

Submission and Accountability

I am submitted to the body of Christ the best I know how and seek to receive oversight and to be accountable wherever I am received. I have taken the admonition of the Lord seriously, “Be careful you do not try to change the colors of the Streams I send you to” spoken to me during the interpretation of the “Unity Vision Over Long Island”.


  Journey to the Edge Book

“Journey to the Edge” is about experiencing the supernatural life of God and walking in the ways of His Holy Spirit. It is being on a journey that will take you to the edge of the known and the unknown and experience the excitement of handling and tasting His glory.

You will see the “Edge” of God’s purposes and truth moving slowly like a giant glacier throughout the earth toward His Eternal purpose, sometimes imperceptibly, but it is always continuing to move forward from generation to generation in a restoration and revelation process.

The path we choose to take is an ongoing adventure of discovering what the Lord is doing on the earth, as well as being able by His power and revelation to navigate the uncertainties in life. It is both exploring the depths of His love and soaring like an eagle with His wind beneath our wings of faith.

The author takes you on this journey with him, so you can experience and grasp how to walk in the Spirit for yourself. You will find you will gradually become comfortable with risk and realize endurance is your fuel to greater achievements. You will experience His glory as you put into practice the faith He has given you.

Many will be challenged along the way at many junctures and heights to take the leap of faith. In the process they will see Him as they have never seen Him before. The Father’s love will draw you into the sweetness of rapture that you will not want to leave. You will be exhilarated knowing that you know no bounds of His faithfulness as your heart is captured and then catapulted as He sets you free.

As you come to the end of this book you will realize you have seen a portrait of a prophetic painting that will transform you into becoming part of a prophetic people that He is raising up in this hour. You will be offered a sacred baton of unity that you can joyfully carry to light the way for many that are trying to find their way in the darkness.
— Brother Joe Lutz