1. Consider the Hour

The hourglass is a very visual indicator of the passing of time, as well as the time remaining. It is a vivid reminder that time is running out if one is using it as a calculator in a final analysis. Most of Jesus' parables regarding the timing of His second coming and events before and after it were to be synthesized in this way. 1 Thes. 5:1-11 and other Scriptures tell us when that time frame approaches His people who are sons (and daughters) of light should not be sleeping, but alert for their sake, as well as the world's.

For the moment let us examine the world’s perspective in light of Is. 60: 1-5, when the church arises to shine brightly and deep darkness will cover the earth. The world will be watching us because we will be the shining hourglass in that hour. In Song 6:10 the bride is compared to an army, awesome with banners, fair as the moon and clear as the sun. Note that these two celestial bodies that describe the bride are used to tell the time and the seasons as well as light up the earth. When in her proper place the bride should be able to reflect the time and season of the Lord's coming, as well as be the light in this world.

This will only happen if she is living in light of eternity and not in light of the darkness of the world that is falling apart around her. To make it personal and plain, the world must see eternity in you and me now. The testimony of Jesus will be those who have been partakers of the Holy Spirit, tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and have guarded their hearts by His grace against falling away in that hour (Heb. 6: 4-6).  We are to be the “shining hourglass” the world will be watching!

Beware of those who try to induce sleep upon you with sensual religion and forms that just tickle our ears. Beware of those who peddle cheap grace: “grace at all cost”, even the cost of His kingdom, but does not cost us anything. All of these will only portray an illusion of holiness, an imitation of the real thing. The very thing the Lord is coming to destroy.

The Lord has given me three prophecies dealing with this theme:

Snooze Alarm
My children, do not think that the hour has passed for forgiveness. Yet there is still time for My church to repent of being asleep in this hour. Know that she must be awakened first before she can arise in the new light of her arising.
Prayer will awaken her, if not, surely the coming shaking will. Now is the time to pray before the time passes and the “snooze alarm” is eliminated. My church must be positioned before the shaking comes or she will appear impotent and without power to the nations around her like Israel in the days gone by.

Many in the church are asleep in Delilah’s lap of this world as Samson was. The shaking is near when the pillars of this world’s structure will be shaken. Where will My church be; positioned and ready or ready to scramble in the midst of the rubble? Know that the church at large is teetering on the brink of chaos should she not be fully awakened before the shaking begins.

Prov. 24:33     A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to rest;
Prov. 24:34     So shall your poverty come like a prowler, And your need like an armed man.